Monday, April 26, 2010

Day One Reflections

After you have viewed the exhibit, we want to know what you think!
Please add a comment, by clicking comments below, about what America "looks like" to you.


  1. We liked the exibit and it was really fun to see everything from the 1930's. Thanks a lot!
    From, Maddie, Mary, Kristen, Maggie, and Hannah. (From Mr. Weiland's class)

  2. I liked that the students got to talk about the art in a podcast, and that we got to listen to it. I also liked the movies station, and the literature station! Over all, this exhibit was pretty cool!

  3. Maddie and Marissa-
    We think that it was interesting to see the difference between now and then. Also we think that it was fun to match true poetry with true inspiring art, and to express your style by naming what you thought the art was called. We also thought that the paintings of old and simple art was cool to see.

  4. It gave some really interesting facts like that Washington's head is 60 feet high at Mt. Rushmore!